Our Story

Rieasa’s Education

  • 1992 Graduate of the American Montessori Society School
  • 1994 Reflexology Certification from the Progressive Reflexology Institute
  • International New Physiology Institute:
    • 1997, October Quantum Energetics Practitioner Certification
    • 2002, October Quantum Energetics Master Practitioner Certification
    • 2004 April Psych – K Level 1 & 2
    • 2006 Dr. of Natural Medicine Certification
  • International Academy of Energy Medicine
    • 2008, October Dr. of Energy Medicine Certification
  • Metagenics
    • 2009 October First Line Therapy Program Therapeutic Lifestyle Certification Physician Level (understanding insulin resistance)
  • Thousands of hours of conventions, workshops, and hands on practice

My Story



My health issues began when I was a teen. I had so many severe ear/ strep infections at 17 that I had to be hospitalized and given shots in my buttocks for 4 days. I also was suffering from bouts of depression/anxiety/fear that would come without any known provocation and sometimes without anything valid to be worried about or be afraid of. I would quiet my anxiety with compulsive eating and then feel twice as bad because I would feel so bloated, like I could explode! Sometimes I would have involuntary regurgitation and my food would burst back up my esophagus into my mouth. This also created a carbohydrate addiction that would take my whole life to understand and tame. After these episodes I would retreat and spend lots of time in bed or at home alone recovering. Plus, the things I did have to be worried about were enhanced even more and my reactions to them were more extreme than I knew was appropriate.

By 21 I was having lots of neck and low back issues. My emotions weren’t any better either. In fact, I had seen a psychologist and he wrote me a prescription for Valium and I got a bottle that was as big as a pint jar! I went home to my Mom and said “I do not want to be the kind of person who is on prescription drugs it doesn’t feel right!” So I put the bottle in the metal cabinet in the attic and I began to think about what my options really were. I decided I would read books and go to a chiropractor. I made my first chiropractic appointment and I remember it was $3.50.

I was able to manage better and was feeling better when my brother was in a car accident and became a paraplegic. This exacerbated my emotional issues. I had to suppress it for the sake of my family who needed me to take care of my brother and hold it together. This was a chronic problem and everything else took a backseat. But it was highly detrimental to my feeling of self-worth and feeling safe.
I could have drinks now and then to relax but I would quit early so I could be a designated driver because I had so much fear and paranoia about getting in trouble!

Over the next 5-6 years my allergies really kicked in. I would become congested in May and not clear up until the first frost in October. And the headaches would occur 3-4 times a week so I carried pain relievers in all my bags because I didn’t like working with headaches. So I began to destroy my gut lining, my liver and gall bladder were now showing signs of stress, and I was severely constipated. I had all kinds of aids in the cabinet to help me “go.” My carb addiction grew and sometimes I would find myself in front of the refrigerator in the middle of the night gulping down orange juice to normalize my hypoglycemia.
I got a job at a paper mill and the neck pain would go all the way into my shoulder blades and it could get so debilitating at times that I couldn’t lift myself out of bed and I needed lots of chiropractic care!!! I missed days of work for stiff necks. I got some new symptoms like dry tickling cough, burning in the throat, TMJ, retrosternal pain, and trouble taking a deep breath.

Then I realized I needed a Doctor’s help. I went to a physician about a chronic sore shoulder and he told me to take an aspirin every day and come back in 90 days. I saw an orthodontist and he said if I got my bite straightened around it would probably help a great deal so I got braces. The oral surgeon said I needed my jaws realigned so I had them broken in eight places and now I have 8 plates and 32 screws in my mandible and maxilla. I got my teeth straightened after two sessions of braces and I still had almost all of the problems I had before but I now had a great smile.

Still lots of neck pain and my life revolved around what was going on with my structure. Sometimes I would walk around literally holding my neck up! I continued to depend heavily on chiropractic but I would be in pain so often that I couldn’t get chiropractors to give me the care I needed if it fell on a holiday or a weekend. My allergies were just as bad and now I had kids and my anxiety was out of control. Sometimes I would have such separation anxiety when I left them that I would call the caregiver several times to warn them about a danger my child could get into. My oldest got a high fever and on the way to the Dr. I believed whole heartedly that he had a brain tumor! My husband bless his heart would have to quell my unreasonable fears when I would travel away from the family I would have to call home and find out that each and every one of them was OK. I would respond to the feeling of doom and gloom and that would overcome all my logic!

And then I went on the family vacation that would change my life. Early in the summer my husband suggested we go to Pepin, WI to view Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthplace as she was a favorite of the children. He suggested we should hike and camp in the State Parks for 10 days and reach Pepin somewhere in the middle and continue on down toward the driftless area and then Madison. I thought about it and wasn’t real enthusiastic but I knew the children would love it. Three days into it I began to develop neck pain. By the time we reached Pepin my husband had to help me up off the sleeping bag. I was in so much pain I could not look left or right or move my head up and down it was LOCKED!! I agreed to go to Pepin because we were so close but after that I wanted to go home or leave in time to get a chiropractor in La Crosse the next big town south. I was immobilized. After wandering around Pepin for several hours it was a five block walk to our van. I declined and instead I followed my husband’s suggestion to wait in a gift store that had chairs for sale. I sat down in one eager to rest my neck on the backside. The owner of the store approached me and said “Excuse me ma’am but are you OK?” I responded, “I am in so much pain I can’t walk and I am waiting for my husband.” Then she proceeded to tell me the best chiropractor in the state had an office a block away and she would be happy to call him if I was willing. So she did and I met Dr. Finch and his wife Kathy 45 minutes later.
Dr. Finch began to explain his work called Quantum Energetics to me while he did his initial work. He seemed very interested in me as I told him I was a Certified Reflexologist and a Montessori teacher. I think it told him I was of an alternative persuasion and it meant I would be more open to his abstract work. He said he would help me today but the work was quite extensive and people saw incredible results when they went through the whole program. He assured me I didn’t have to live the way I had been for the last 20 years.

He told me that my neck was subluxated because my stomach and other organs were dynamically being pushed up into my chest causing my 3rd and 4th cervical to fall out of alignment. He needed to pull a couple organs around. Today I know these are called visceral adjustments but back then I was going on a wing and a prayer that he would be able to reduce my pain. I left the office changed but yet he hadn’t really done a lot and I was mystified. I felt better and we continued on our trip and every day I was much better than the day before. He had done in one simple visit what would take 5 or 6 chiropractic visits and I was intrigued. I was plotting all the way home how I was going to travel 5 hours across the State to receive this care I so badly needed. I was 40 years old and I had enough of being in the land of the “walking wounded.”

Luckily my husband agreed to let me go there to get help. Subsequently, Dr. Finch asked if I wanted to study under him in his certification program and the rest is history.
I often wonder what would have become of me if I had not had that synchronistic meeting that day. Because he was surely right. I had a hiatal hernia problem from the time I was a child and all my symptoms proved it. My total health was compromised because of this condition. When the stomach is ballooned at the top of the diaphragm it would stimulate my vagus nerve thus all the fear and anxiety were stimulated. This wasn’t an emotion/mental problem this was a physical problem. It made my digestion incomplete and adding pain killers created my leaky gut and my congested liver gall bladder. My allergies began to slowly dwindle. My ears drained and I stopped having ear infections. My chiropractic care over a 2 year period of doing Quantum Energetics once a month virtually dwindled to nothing. My energy came back and my life no longer revolved around pain. Instead it revolved around the new peace I felt and learning this wonderful work. That day in Pepin and everyday forth from that I was an energy medicine person and today if I am not doing energy work I am resting up to do more. I feel I was led by the holy spirit and I am truly blessed.

Granted this story is simplistic but my point is that it changed my life and though it doesn’t always have as profound effect on everyone it has made a large enough impact on the people who have come to me and the people we have taught over the years to sustain a thriving business truly serving the community over the last 18 years because this work is so effective and has gotten such profound results over time. Being part of this work has created an ethical intelligence into my life that I never even knew existed before.