What is Quantum Energetics?

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ (QEST™) is a modality applied to assist you in attaining your goal of optimum health. In its application as a “structured” therapy, there is a beginning to the work and an end to the work. The client is systematically checked and worked on to try to achieve better health/balance. The ultimate goal of this approach is to stimulate the central, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems, engaging them in assimilating an informational exchange from the quantum field to be processed in the physical body. This will elicit positive changes in one’s etheric body (blueprint) which will encourage real change in structure, digestion and immunity. Once this protocol has been initiated, it is highly beneficial to complete the therapy. We are taught that an intact energy field holds together better and has more function. 13 brain centers or mental stimulating areas govern or oversee function or malfunction of all areas of the body. Opening them up or getting them functioning through the energy repairs encourages the body to return to a balanced state. Depending on your condition, and whether you have harbored disease states, or sustained injury will determine how long the process of completing this protocol will take. Also it is unique to each individual and what the practitioner/client finds through working together will outline many of the various weaknesses or areas of concern for that individual. This is extremely helpful in achieving not only elimination of current issues but a preventative approach to illnesses that the individual may be at risk to develop giving them an idea on what they should focus going forward. Some bodies are in relatively good shape and it will take less time to complete the work, and others will take longer due to the need for more extensive “correction” or “repair”. When asked to give an estimate it is often said 15 to 20 times on average. However, our goal is to balance them initially and then maintain their energy bodies for them over time helping them to maintain homeostasis. We find the people who are through the work and maintain their bodies enjoy the greatest level of health.

It is obvious that you have a keen interest in your well-being, so we encourage you to begin this journey. The advantages are many and varied. When one does complete the work, we consider it as “an intact body”, which implies as it sounds, that your body is communicating well from system to system, as well as from the master processor (the CNS) with the quantum informational field. Individuals that have completed the work experience a deeper sense of well-being, including the disappearance of former health issues, or an enhanced ability to manage their particularly unique health issues. The body in its wisdom develops ways to compensate for injury, genetic weaknesses, and disease states in order to function. QEST addresses the reason or root cause for the need to compensate, thus alleviating symptoms. Once you have completed QEST, and are considered “intact”, you are on your own recognizance as to the necessity for continued QEST. Many use it to obtain optimal health as well as to reinforce immune function, to prevent disease states, or address current injuries.

As to the nutritional protocol, what has been repeatedly noted is that initially when embarking on taking in concentrated nutrients the body is like a sponge and has a need to saturate the cells and detoxify wastes in order to function properly. I have developed a system to determine what is most appropriate for each individual and is unique for each person as one’s fingerprint. When accessing information regarding an individuals’ specific nutritional profile it is pertinent to that person only. Usually it is re-checked monthly, as it is a dynamic process. Over time, as the nutritional protocol is adhered to consistently, the body will be relieved of its dire need for a larger amount of nutrition as all of its requirements are being met to handle the person’s state of health. That being said, we find that although initially there may be a great need for supplementation, it will decrease in time to where all that is needed is a regular supply of basic nutrition and supplements to support your particular genetic make-up.
After reviewing this information we hope you are moved attain your goal of optimal health, using QEST.